I believe everyone needs a notepad and pen sometimes. I still love using notepads, even in this technological age of wifi and soon-to-be 5G. We all have smart phones, tablets, laptops and/or desktop computers to help us in everyday life. But to me, there is something about the action of writing on paper that cannot be replicated by an electronic device.

My notepads differ in subtle ways: Size, subject matter, usefulness, and most important, weight for ease of carrying around with me. I use them for all kinds of things, although this list is not exhaustive:

  • Shopping lists
  • Appointments
  • Noting down price comparisons
  • Translations
  • Reminders
  • Task lists
  • Ideas for blog posts
  • Recipes
  • Making notes during meetings/workshops/seminars
  • As an aide-memoire

Why I use notepads

The information I write on a notepad may seem trivial to others, but some of them are invaluable! I have a specific notepad for tasks for my Christmas party, that I use year in and year out. Others have meeting or seminar notes, a source of useful information for future projects.

I have an amazing collection of ‘how to’ notepads. They contain useful shortcuts for fixing things or doing specific tasks. I don’t need them very often, but they are immensely helpful as prompters. Therefore, I don’t need to commit this information to memory.

I do copy certain information onto calendars or documents, so I can keep it electronically. After all, I only have so much space! Even so, the usefulness of the notepad to me has not diminished over time. In fact, the opposite is true, it has proved its worth.

I don’t keep a diary. I have never been interested in doing that. Perhaps my notepad collection documents my life in a different way?

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