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abc copywriting can help your business stand out, online or off line

Do you need help in writing text for your website? Or perhaps you are bringing a new product to market and need a press release for PR purposes? Maybe you have an e-commerce site and need help writing product descriptions? Whatever the project, abc copywriting can help you business stand out!

I work with you to ensure your your marketing content is clear, concise, consistent and above all, customer-focused. If you already have the words, I can edit your text to make sure it is error-free, consistent in style and grammatically correct. In short, I can help you by creating written content for brochures, leaflets, sales promotions, flyers, blogs and websites. Why not get in touch today to find out how I can help your business?

Of course, the first question everyone asks is, “How much will it cost?” I cannot give a definite answer because every project is different, but for some general guidance, please take a look at my FAQ page.

You can read what people say about working with me below, or see examples of projects on my portfolio page.

Kathy Bowry Editorial Services

I have known and worked with Gillian for many years when I worked as an editor on hospitality titles. Gillian is a fount of information and a real expert on the hospitality sector. She always ensured I had the copy and photos I needed for features and kept me up to date on all news. She never let me down and never missed a deadline.

Jayne Pye, Business Owner Tridine Ltd.

I have worked with Gill at two different companies. Gill is a skilled copywriter and worked with my clients on many projects, for example flyers; catalogues; advertisements; websites and joint press releases. She always put into words exactly what my clients required, at the same time maintaining the brand image of our employer.

I would highly recommend her copywriting skills for any marketing project.

Jo Lines, Manager Cottage Kitchen Country Café

I would highly recommend Gill at abc-copywriting.co.uk. She listened to everything I said and worded it wonderfully (much better than I ever could!) We were on a very tight deadline to complete the work and Gill showed great efficiency in getting this done for us. Thank you so much!

Craig Mitchell, Director of Australasian Operations, Dudson Group

Working with Gill on numerous multimedia, marketing and design projects for many years at Dudson was a pure pleasure. Her ability to complete projects to the highest standard, quickly and with minimum fuss, is second to none. Gill has a brilliant eye for detail and writes an uncomplicated, informative and intelligent script. Her ability to anticipate the needs of my customer and myself, sometimes even before us,  was a great help.

Working on opposite sides of the world meant we had to communicate remotely. However, it always felt like we were in the same office because Gill was so adept at understanding our needs. Gill has a warm and caring manner and I would therefore highly recommend her for any project.

Alison Ratcliffe

Gill is a fantastic creative copywriter and has an excellent ability and understanding of English. She takes a brief and really brings the subject matter to life. Whatever the tone of voice required, Gill can find the right words to express it.

In addition, thorough proofing, attention to detail and prompt delivery against deadlines all come naturally to Gill. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jude Russell, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Gill’s exceptional attention to detail and customer-focused delivery ensured projects met all requirements and deadlines. At the same time maintaining our reputation on and off line. Gill is an experienced and skilled wordsmith and I would highly recommend her.

Sabina Hegarty, Managing Director Calibre Group Solutions

I can’t actually remember how I found Gillian originally but… I am so glad I did!!

Gillian has now worked with us on numerous projects. She got involved with our content writing, copywriting, press releases and coming up with great content ideas.

Not only is she highly skilled in her areas of expertise, she is a thoroughly nice person to deal with.

Gillian is professional, warm and friendly. When we’re up against it, which we have been many times in 2020, Gill came to the rescue and created some great work for us at often very short notice.

Although she doesn’t work for us directly, we consider Gillian to be part of the Calibre Team and always look forward to working with her.

Dan Goodall

I worked with Gill for a number of years. She always succeeded in putting into words what I was thinking, even with a sketchy brief! Her special skill was to bring to life the look and feel of my designs in words. I found Gill to be a great support to my department and would have no hesitation in endorsing her skill in copywriting.

Dave & Chris, Business Owners of Infinite Additions

Absolutely over the moon with the service provided. So pleasant and friendly to work with, we would highly recommend Gill Hudson. Thank you so much!

It can be hard for customers to find your business

They are bombarded with information every waking minute of every day. You have one chance to impress potential customers.

The written word or marketing copy, whether online or offline, only has seconds to connect and engage them. abc copywriting can help your business stand out by communicating with your target audience and making that initial connection!

About me

I am a creative marketing professional with 20+ years’ experience in marketing communications

How did I become a copywriter?

My route into marketing was not a straightforward one! I had my own business at 25 and have experienced many of the time and knowledge issues that most business owners come up against. Above all, I understand the pain points and frustrations of running a business. I gave up my business and went to university at the age of 32, and have specialised in marketing communications ever since!

During the last 20+ years, I have demonstrated a strong track record of success in retail, B2B and public sectors in a wide range of writing disciplines: Websites, articles, product descriptions, press releases, promotions, case studies. I have even written a factory tour, a speech for the deputy leader of a large midlands council and a video script!

You can be confident that I will create marketing content your customers will relate to. From the creation of original artwork or content to checking and proofreading your existing materials, (both online and off-line), I can write text that is:

  • Clear and concise
  • Error-free (spelling and grammar)
  • Consistent in style
  • Accurately reflects your brand values
  • Is written in a tone of voice that connects with your target audience

Get in touch today to find out how I can help your business to succeed.

Is your mind blank?
Unsure about tone of voice?
Not sure where to start?


I offer the following professional services to help your business to stand out:

abc copywriting can help your business stand out by creating original content created for your project and written to your specific brief.

Checking your existing content for style, tone of voice, spelling, grammar and typing errors. Making sure your text is concise and to the point, eliminating waffle.

Checking your content for errors in grammar and spelling. Checking that the text makes sense to the reader.

Creation of artwork to your specific brief, using your company collateral and adhering to your company guidelines.

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