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Services offered by abc copywriting to businesses include copywriting, copy editing and proofreading – all at competitive prices. Now with the additional service of creating print-ready artwork to your individual brief. To find out more, please read the details below.

If you need help putting together some text about your business, whether for an advertisement, your website, a press release/feature for a business publication, content for flyers/catalogues or social media content, abc copywriting can help.

To talk through your marketing projects, large or small, online or offline, get in touch today.

Copywriting Service

Writing content to a tight deadline is daunting enough. Making sure it is within the word count and highlights key messages or phrases is doubly challenging.

If you are unsure where to start, I can create original copy for:

  • Printed brochures/catalogues/flyers
  • Advertisements
  • Large scale graphics, for example exhibition panels and posters
  • Websites
  • Social media platforms

I will use your brief to ensure your brand messages are stated in a consistent tone of voice throughout.

Copy Editing Service

You may have written copy, but it may be too long or too short for the space? You may need a little help with spelling and grammar or be unsure whether it is in the correct tone of voice for your business?

Whatever the copy, I can check and edit it for content, repetition, tone of voice, consistency, spelling, grammar, length and ‘waffle’! I can also make some alternative suggestions that you may like to consider.

Proofreading Service

If you already have copy that you are happy with, you may like someone else to proofread it for you. I also offer a proofreading service to double-check for typing, spelling and grammatical errors.

It never ceases to amaze me just how many typing errors you can find on long-established websites? Some appear on the websites of well-known, high-profile companies. It is always advisable to ask someone to double check any written text.

The mind is an amazing thing and can correct small typing errors in the brain, especially when the person checking is the same person who wrote the text! Your eyes will see what they think should be there, rather than the words as they appear. Unfortunately, although the errors may have been corrected in your head, they will still remain on the page!

Creating artwork

Whether a single page flyer, newsletter or 12 page brochure, abc copywriting offers an artwork service for all your business needs.

Created from your detailed brief, artwork is produced to a professional standard and is conveniently supplied as a print-ready pdf, or ready for email/website attachment.

I offer a free no-obligation quote, per project. Please complete the contact form and I will call you to discuss your project.