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Answers to FAQs – Clients often have many questions when engaging a copywriter/artworker to create content for their business, so below are some answers to FAQs. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact me via my get in touch page.

Above all, the most commonly asked questions are, how long will it take and how much will it cost? I am sure these must be the most asked questions in any type of business.

However, for a copywriter, every project is different and this is why I love my job so much!

Q: How much will it cost to create my copy?

A: In order to give you some idea of cost, and as a general guide, a one-page website (around 600-750 words) will cost from £120.00. For this you get the following:

  • An initial 20-30 minute phone call/zoom meeting/face-to-face meeting to discuss your project and your business
  • A detailed quote outlining the project and costs involved
  • Following your acceptance of my quote, I will email you a list of in-depth questions which we will go through on our second call (normally within a day or two)
  • Research into both your company and your main competitors
  • Google-friendly original copy, written to an agreed word count in a tone of voice that engages your target customers
  • Two sets of revisions

Obviously, no two projects are the same, but the initial phone call and quote are completely without obligation. This enables me to provide a detailed quote for every project and it is only on your acceptance of my quote that our contract begins. Alternatively, if you prefer to provide a written brief for your project, please complete the form below and press submit.

Q: How long will it take you to produce my copy?

A: Of course, everyone wants to know how long the job will take. Unfortunately, the answer to this question depends on many variables:

  1. The scope of the project
  2. How much research is involved
  3. How many words are needed
  4. Whether there is a deadline for the final copy

This is why I provide your with a detailed quote, outlining the answers to these (and sometimes many more), questions.

Q: What information do you need? I am not sure how to write a copywriting brief.

A: Some clients have been used to working with various different agencies and are therefore happy to use a brief for what is required. If you would prefer this to our phone call (or even to outline your project before our phone call), I have drawn up a brief to help you. Please fill in the form below and press submit when completed. On the other hand, you can download the pdf and email it to me. 

If you would rather discuss your project in person, please call me to talk it through and I will send you a quote based on our discussion.