Two months into 2020 and how is it for you so far? I hope you are making good progress with your resolutions, whatever they may be.

Sometimes it is difficult to stay focused but I am pleased with my progress. I have managed to match or surpass my targets every week for eight weeks. So, from a standing start of zero exercise (except salsa classes), I walked/ran more than 25 miles last week. Not bad in just eight weeks, eh?

Alongside my daily walks, I have started the NHS couch to 5k fitness programme. Although not brave enough to run outdoors yet, I downloaded the podcasts onto my phone and run indoors. I feel safer, but of course the circuits are really small! I call it running here, but to be fair, it did start out as a sort of fast shuffle!

After two months, the positive outcomes from these activities are:

  • I feel fitter
  • Walks in the fresh air are keeping winter colds at bay
  • Blocks of exercise give my days some structure
  • Running indoors may be eccentric, but it cushions my joints

The task now is to maintain progress and to add another fitness goal that will help to build strength.

The second part of my 2020 resolution was to ’embrace the yes’. (You can read more about my 2020 mantra here.) I have found opportunities to act on this positive approach few and far between. But, I have completed one short course, and signed up to a second. I have also sent my CV for positions that are just a tad outside my comfort zone.

What about you? Have you made good progress? Have you encountered hiccups along the way? I hope that whatever you have decided to take on this year, you have made positive changes in your life. Just in case anyone is interested in taking on the couch to 5k running programme, here is the link.