The Dudson 18 magazine project was very different to normal corporate literature. The magazine design was created by an agency based in Manchester. They did the artwork too.

So, what was my involvement? In short, for me this was all about the writing. It demanded a different style. It gave me a chance to show that I can really write, especially once free from the constraints of corporate or product copy.

How did it work?

The worldwide sales team suggested possible venues where we could interview the chef and take photos. I researched the establishments, wrote a list of questions for chef and worked on them with the relevant sales person. I refined the list of questions before the interview and sent them to the chef in advance. This was to cut down on time. After all, these are busy chefs running popular venues. Following the chefs’ interviews, the sales team sent me their interview recordings, which I transposed, edited and rewrote where necessary, adding the venue introductions.

In conclusion, I wrote about 85-90% of this, the first issue of Dudson 18 Magazine, everything except the the Manifesto and the Harvest Story.  The designer interviews; product pages; front cover and the copy on pages two and three are all my original work.    

As I stated earlier, the one featured here is the first magazine. We published a second, and were part way through putting together the third when sadly Dudson went into administration.

(I feel it is necessary to explain a little more about ’18’. Dudson was founded in 1800 – hence 18. I apologise for the bright pink ’18’ on the front cover! The only copy I had on file was the print version. The bright pink was replaced with copper foil by the printers and the printed copies really did look fabulous!)

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