Does anyone have a cure for the post-Christmas blues? Or, like me are you holiday-browsing? Madly running around filling your life with lots of new hobbies or tasks because you feel bereft?

So much focus goes into preparing for Christmas, with days filled with activities and family and friends. When the festive period finishes, we wonder how we are going to fill our time? No more card-writing, present-wrapping, party-organising. Our lives feel empty by comparison, and it is a void we feel obligated to fill. Perhaps it is this emptiness that drives our compulsion to make New Year’s Resolutions? (You can read my blog on this subject here.)

I am sure I am not alone in experiencing the post-Christmas blues following the frenetic rush and excitement of the last few weeks. We somehow seem to be able to fit much more into the same amount of time when it involves Christmas. However, once all the decorations are packed away, our homes look bare and we feel our lives need a kick-start.

It is difficult when you feel blue, but sometimes it can be good to just slow down, take a deep breath and appreciate where you are. Plans are good, and anyone who knows me is aware of just how much I love my lists. But am I solely responsible for the fast pace of my life by running headlong into the next thing, rather than taking the time to think about my life now, in this moment?

Life is passing by at an ever increasing rate. January sales are in full swing. Valentine’s cards and gifts are on supermarket shelves along with creme eggs. You can’t watch television for five minutes without seeing holiday advertisements. Before we know where we are, it will be August! It is only the beginning of January, yet already we are feeling the pressure of Easter and summer holiday planning!

I don’t have a cure for the post-Christmas blues myself, though I wish I did! For now, I am contenting myself with looking at possible summer holiday destinations and my own small attainable goals touched on in my New Year’s Resolutions post. How do you get through the first few weeks of a New Year?