We are three weeks into 2020 and how is it going for you? Did you decide to change anything this year? What prompted you to make the decision and have you implemented the change or changes successfully?

I have had quite good results regarding my exercise regime (so far!) To help me to increase my weekly exercise quota, I have downloaded a step counter app on to my phone. I am not keeping a check on everyday activities of course, because I do these regardless. Instead, my goal is:

  • 20-30 minutes walk
  • Four to five times per week

I feel that this is an achievable goal for me. There is flexibility within the plan to walk further or increase the number of walks each week. To start, I have put together a few circular walks starting and ending at home. They vary in length from just over 15 minutes, to just under 30. I can vary the length and frequency to fit into my daily routine.

The total for the first week in January was a modest 5.9 miles. However, this has increased to 9.2 miles this week. (Update: during the final week of January I walked just over 11 miles! So, from starting on 7th January I have managed to walk 32.5 miles on top of any normal daily activity.) I am satisfied with my progress, which is definitely on an upward trajectory. In addition, I have doubled my weekly exercise activity from one salsa class, to two consecutive classes!

However, I have not made much progress in my endeavour to embrace the yes. (You can read more about my 2020 mantra here.) I have found few opportunities so far to act on my new positive approach. But, I am determined to seek out new challenges over the coming weeks, no matter how small they may be!

Have you made good progress? Have there been any hiccups along the way? I hope that whatever you have decided to do differently this year, you have made positive changes to your life. I found this article from Go Skills quite helpful when I was deciding what to change in 2020.