‘Why should I hire a copywriter?’, is a question asked by a lot of small business owners who are used to doing everything themselves! Of course, as a professional copywriter myself, you would expect me to name a hundred reasons why you should hire me, wouldn’t you? But even if you take my occupation out of the equation, there are sound reasons why it is better for your business to hire a professional copywriter for marketing copy such as:

  • Blogs
  • Web page updates/rewrites
  • Press releases
  • Articles/editorials
  • Brochures/flyers

Why should I hire a copywriter?

Reason 1 – Experience

The first and arguably the most important reason why you should hire a copywriter is down to experience. Professional copywriters have spent a long time learning how to write persuasive content. Many, like me, have experience of working in marketing communications, sometimes in different sectors – B2B, B2C and the public sector.  Alternatively, they may have agency or journalistic experience. By hiring an experienced writer to write the marketing copy for your business, you are benefiting from that experience, without having to take the time and trouble to learn it yourself!

Why should I hire a copywriter?

Reason 2 – Specialist

As a business owner, I am sure that you wear many different hats, every single day! You have to run all your different business functions: HR, Accounts, Sales, Operations, Design/Creative, Customer Services and Marketing. It is impossible to specialise in every single area of a business, and quite frankly, who has the time? So you hire people to help you out, whether that is an accountant, a designer, an HR specialist, a marketing agency, a production specialist or a sales professional. So, why shouldn’t you hire a specialist copywriter too?

Although nobody knows your business like you do, this doesn’t mean you are the best person to tell everyone about it! Copywriters are skilled professionals who write for a living. They will ask questions and research your business and your main competitors. Writing may not be your speciality, but it is theirs, so think about the benefits a good writer can bring to your website:

  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Tips and tricks to make your website easy for Google to find
  • Concise, to the point and persuasive text
  • Ability to speak directly to your target audience

Why should I hire a copywriter?

Reason 3 – Professional

You have spent a lot of time, care, effort and money to build your business and create a website.  When doing research, I am amazed at the number of basic spelling mistakes I find on long-established websites, even those from large companies with big marketing budgets! Every business owner wants to be seen as an expert in their profession, so their website has to present a professional front to perspective customers. Think of your website as a shop window, there to entice your customers inside. If blogs are not written well it could discredit your business and leave people questioning your expertise. Some of the most common errors I see on websites are:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammatical errors
  • No clear structure or purpose
  • Long waffly sentences

Therefore bad grammar and spelling mistakes can cost you customers and affect your bottom line as it sows seeds of doubt in customers’ minds.

Why should I hire a copywriter?

Reason 4 – Time

Although running your own business is rewarding, it is all-consuming. For example, does the picture at the top of this post ring a bell with you? Do you sometimes feel  that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? Be honest, does updating/writing for your website appear at the top, or the bottom of your ‘to-do list’?

Everyone with a website knows that they should write at least one blog post per month to keep content fresh, because Google likes new content. But it is not as simple or as straight forward as just sitting down and writing an essay. There are many different aspects to take into consideration:

  • Deciding what to write about – I have provided lots of tips on blog subject in these articles: what shall I talk about?, more subject ideas and even more subject ideas
  • Researching the subject
  • Deciding on a key phrase and secondary key phrases to boost search rankings
  • Tone of voice – audience focused
  • Employing writing/formatting tricks to maximise organic SEO
  • Right number of words
  • Editing to make the copy concise and more ‘punchy’

In a day choc-full of tasks and decisions, finding clear head space can be difficult and writing while tired makes the task even harder. It can take an inexperienced writer four-five hours to write and edit a 1,000 word blog post, even when they find the right inspiration. Hiring a copywriter ticks the right boxes for Google searches and gives you back the time to spend on priority issues in your business.

Why should I hire a copywriter?

Reason 5 – Cost-effectiveness

Even after reading the strong examples above, you may still be convinced that you can write your own blogs. So, I have a question for you, “How much is your time worth?” As a business owner, your time is valuable. If you set aside a number of hours every month to write for your business, how much does that cost? How often is that time allocated to other tasks, rather than writing? Moreover, if you use this amount of time for writing, are you neglecting other issues – tasks you cannot delegate?

According to research, the average cost of a UK copywriter in 2022 was £50-£75 per hour. Most copywriters will have a standard charge for web page or a blog, depending on the complexity of the brief and word count. For example, I charge from £65-£80 for a 1,000 word blog, depending on the amount of research required.

Do you think that the time you have to dedicate to writing a blog is worth £65?

If this post has made you think that hiring a copywriter to write your website or blog posts may offer you the best solution, contact me for an informal discussion and no-obligation quote. You may also like to see my FAQ page, which may address any questions you have about hiring a copywriter.