Blog posts – even more subject ideas is my final post about blog writing with some subjects to consider if you are stuck for ideas!

Why not check out the first in this series of blogs in which I covered the following topics, useful, educational, compilations and fun! 

The second article about subject ideas is on lifestyle, personal and case studies.

Business synopsis

This is a great one for talking to your customers about your business in more detail.

Sum up the last six months:

  • You can talk about new product introductions and well they were received
  • Major difficulties you have had to overcome, for example: road closures, supply problems, COVID-19. More importantly, how you overcame these difficulties. How your business is thriving as a result of your lateral thinking
  • Going from 20 five-star ratings to 100 – or any other major successes
  • Any social media posts you published that went viral, or received many more hits than you thought, and the impact on your business
  • A ‘before and after’ post of how your business has changed

I am sure you can think of even more ideas, depending on the nature of your business!

Industry trends and predictions

You can use a blog like this to show customers that you are an expert and that you keep up to date with the latest thinking.

  • You can quote from articles you have read in the industry press
  • Add external links to statements that are impactful. External links are good for organic SEO
  • Link your insights and predictions to those of industry leaders. Highlighting your expertise by quoting someone well-known aligns your views with theirs
  • Use your blog for a new product teaser that is bang on trend for now, without giving the whole game away. You can request customers sign up for your newsletter/product update for launch information
  • Report on a recent industry exhibition you went to. Showcase your stand and the attention it attracted. Add links to mentions in magazines/articles/web pages

Promotional/Product Launch

In this type of post you can write a story about how your product or service solves a problem for your customer.

Not quite the same as a case study post, which by its nature is historic. This is more of a promotional story about your product and how useful it will be in solving your customers’ problems. Use a call-to-action to engage them further. For example:

  • The first 10/20/50 (whatever it might be), people to sign up to our newsletter will receive a prototype to test
  • Tour of the factory
  • Voucher to be used against future purposes
  • Free entry to a prize draw
  • Link your blog to your social media profile – ‘just like us and comment on Facebook to enter our prize draw’ etc.

I am sure you can think of lots of ways to entice your customers to sign up to your latest updates!

I hope you have found ‘Blog posts – even more subject ideas’, helpful for your business. However, if you are not confident about writing, please contact me for a free 20-minute discussion about how I can help you.